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Budgeting for Building Log

Milled Log Construction HOW TO CREATE A BUDGET FOR BUILDING A LOG HOME Our favorite question, and one we get regularly is “How much does a log home cost compared to a stick frame home?” Our answer has always been “That depends.”  I know this seems like a non-answer but the reality is that it…
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Why our LOG PACKAGES set the industry standard!

The term “Log Package” can mean lots of things, depending on which log home company you speak with. Some offer a la carte items, others offer more amenities. Here at Montana Custom Log Homes, Inc. we strive to ensure that we offer every customer the most complete, easily understood Log package available. Our Milled Log…
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A Greener Way to Build

Why log homes are considered a “Greener way to build.” Being “Green”  or environmentally conscious and building a new home doesn’t sound like they go hand in hand but the truth is, they can, especially when you factor in building a Log Home.  Being “green” when building takes into account your lot design, preparation and…
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Happy Spring 2019!

Happy Spring everyone! We are gearing up for construction seasons across the country and wanted to reach out to all our architects, builders and homeowners in preparation for this busy time. Our shops have been in full operational mode this past winter with several homes in final production for their March and April deliveries. [su_heading]Milled…
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